Coach Lisa

PN 1 and THM Certified Lifestyle Coach

Reclaim your health!

Your health is paramount!

Let me help you revitalize it.

So many women struggle with health issues today:

  • autoimmune disorders
  • hormone imbalances
  • chronic fatigue
  • thyroid issues

The aging process alone can wreak havoc with our bodies! Any of these can cause weight gain, stalling any hopes of losing weight.

Let me help you turn the tables on compromised health and jump into success!

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Hi! I’m Lisa

I’m the coach that can help launch you to better health, energy and success!

One On One Coaching

If you’re looking for accountability with personalized feedback, then this is for you. I’m here to guide you through nutrition basics and learn specifics on how to simplify your health journey to food freedom.

Cost: $40/month

      Break Through

Looking for personalized coaching?

  • Have you been following the Trim Healthy Mama plan but have been stalled out for months .. or even years?
  • Have you tried everything including Fuel Cycles, Stubborn Losers menu and the Veggie Full Menu?

This was us!  We were in this exact same spot and we finally found a breakthrough!  #breakthrough

Join me and Coach Jenn in our brand new program that will help you #breakthrough your stall.  We are looking for women who will commit 100% to the THM lifestyle.  If you are ready to be consistent and show up daily, this group is for you!

This has changed our lives and brought us both out of our stall that lasted years!!

Please set up a discovery call for more information.

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Happy Clients

Lisa has been the best encourager in my journey to health. She seems to know exactly what to say and when to say it! Her knowledge and experience coupled with her kindness and support have been instrumental in helping me set and maintain goals for my health. She’s a jewel!!
Christy Beynon

Lisa is a great life coach and I love THM way of eating!  The recipes are delicious, healthy, and the weight is coming off!  And I can eat cake! Thank you, Lisa!
Susan Sasso Domko

I highly recommend Lisa as a THM coach.  She has been by my side encouraging me throughout my THM journey.  You’ll be able to finally reach your THM goals with Lisa by your side.  Lisa is a great communicator and a lot of fun.  She is so creative and always coming up with new ideas and recipes.  You will not regret hiring her as your THM coach.
Kelly Lake-Anderson

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